“A Wonderful Week, Boy What a View”

A wonderful week, boy what a view!”
We have been traveling together since 1970 and our recent holiday at RIO VISTA RESORT VILLAS must rate as one of the most delightful places we have stayed, a real gem. The views from the Amore Honeymoon cottage are truly stunning.Sitting on the cottage balcony you are above the tree level, how wonderful to see the Doctor and Hummingbirds, busily flitting amongst the trees, and an Osprey fishing in the river below. At dusk, White Egrets make their way to their favourite roost, a riverside tree, a few hundred yards upstream. All magical sights.

RIO VISTA is owned and run by Sharon Miller, and what a welcoming host Sharon is! To our amazement, we were the only people staying for 6 of the 7 days we were there, so Sharon had time to show us round her 12 acre garden, naming all the trees, flowers and shrubs a describing how she uses the leaves and spices in her beautiful Jamaican cooking, oh what evening meals we had on the decking next to the swimming pool.

All of the team are so pleasant and helpful, Andrea in reception, (she will arrange a rafting trip for you on the Rio Grande, the river that runs below the property, it really is a must). Novelette and Jenny, the waitresses and chambermaids and Eric, the gardener, everyone of them has a smile on their face, just lovely.

RIO VISTA RESORT is an oasis of calm and tranquillity, far far removed from the dreadful
all inclusive fenced resorts that proliferate many other parts of the Island, a few days here will ensure that you have seen and had a taste of the real Jamaica.
You have to make an effort to get to Portland, however, the roads are good and mostly quiet, believe me, it really will be worthwhile.
Many thanks SHARON and to all of you enthusiastic people for making our stay so enjoyable. God bless you all.

Go for the Honeymoon cottage.
Courtesy TripAdvisor.com